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Reporting a Business Concern

Valspar is committed to doing business the right way, the Valspar way. To help maintain the ethical reputation and culture Valspar has built, it is your responsibility to report any behavior or business conduct or practice that you think may violate the values set forth in the Code of Ethics and Business Conduct. We want to ensure that Valspar's business is conducted in an ethical and legal manner, and can only do it with the help of those employees willing to come forward when they suspect any wrongdoing by others in the organization.

How To Report A Suspected Violation

Employees have a number of resources for reporting business conduct concerns or suspected violations of the Code of Ethics and Business Conduct. Employees can raise such concerns verbally or in writing in any of the following ways:

  • Your management. You can always report any business conduct concern you have to your manager or supervisor. Depending on the circumstances, you may prefer not to report your concerns to local management. In such cases, you can always report to a higher level of management, including to the Vice President in charge of your business group.
  • Human Resources. Business conduct concerns may be raised with your local human resources representative or manager. If you do not feel comfortable reporting locally, you may report to the Director of Human Resources for your business group or region, or to the Senior Vice President of Human Resources at 612.851.7988.
  • Valspar's Law Department. Employees may report business conduct concerns and suspected violations of the Code of Ethics and Business Conduct to the Office of the General Counsel at 612.851.7705.
  • Valspar's Business Conduct Information Line. The Business Conduct Information Line is hosted by a third-party vendor, The Network. The Business Conduct Information Line offers confidential reporting 24 hours a day, seven days a week, from any location globally where Valspar operates. Where allowed by law, you may make an anonymous inquiry or report; however, disclosing your identity is encouraged because it facilitates follow-up questions and may help protect your individual rights. The Network also provides interpreters for employees working outside the United States.

    For calls originating in the United States: 800.241.5689
    For calls originating outside the United States, please review the Business Conduct Information Line Country Listing for directions.
Retaliation Prohibited

Employees may be reluctant to report a suspected violation of a co-worker or a member of management because they are concerned about retaliation. Valspar has a strict policy against retaliation of any kind against an employee who in good faith raises a business conduct concern or who participates in an investigation relating to such a complaint. Valspar's anti-retaliation policy is one of the most important components of our compliance program because it protects those employees willing to come forward with concerns, which allows Valspar to identify and fix potentially problematic business conduct or practices. Of course, employees who knowingly make false accusations, provide false information or otherwise act improperly will be disciplined.

If you feel that you have faced retaliation of any kind, or have been threatened with retaliation, please report through one of the resources listed above so that Valspar can investigate.

How Valspar Will Respond

Valspar investigates all business conduct concerns or reports of suspected violations of the Code of Ethics. The Law Department oversees all investigations and will assemble the appropriate team to investigate the issues raised in the report. If you make a report, you may be asked to provide more information about the issue so that Valspar can ensure that the matter is thoroughly investigated. While Valspar may or may not be able to share the ultimate result of the investigation, you will be informed that the investigation has been completed and that the issue has been resolved.

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