Valspar® Heavy Duty Aluminum Paint

Valspar Heavy Duty Aluminum Paint is a bright, reflective, heavy-duty aluminum paint. It is non-toxic when dry and can be used for exterior or interior application on wood or metal.

  • Fade and Weather Resistant
  • Mildew resistant coating
  • Non-reflective


1 Gallon


400 ft²/gal



  • Usage
    Grain bins, Tanks, Roofing, Piping, Machinery, Equipment
  • Prep
    Remove all traces of loose, peeling paint, rust, oil, dirt and other foreign matter from the surface to be painted. Rusted areas must be scraped, wire brushed or blasted clean. Blasted metal surfaces may require two coats of primer for best results. Dull glossy areas by sanding. Wipe surface clean. Rusted Metal Surfaces: Follow proper surface preparation methods. Spot prime rusted areas with a rust inhibitive primer. Prime weathered galvanized bins with Agri-System #6000 Zinc Dust Primer. New Metal Surfaces: Remove any flash rust. Remove factory oils by wiping with thinner soaked rags. Ferrous metals should be primed with a rust inhibiting primer. New galvanized metal should be primed with a galvanized and aluminum primer. Wood Surfaces: Product is self-priming. On bare or worn wood, apply two coats at full strength.
  • Application
    Stir thoroughly with a circular lifting motion. To assure proper uniformity and color, pour contents from one container to another and box together. Stir occasionally during use. Avoid damp weather. Product may be applied by brush, roller or spray.
  • Dry Time
    Dry Time @ 77 °F and 50 % Relative Humidity
    To The Touch: 2 hour - 4 hour
    Recoat: 24 hour - 24 hour
  • Clean-up & Disposal
    Clean application tools with mineral spirits or paint thinner.
Application Temperature
50 - 90 °F
Recommended Coats
2 coats
Dry To the Touch*
2 hour - 4 hour
24 hour - 24 hour
*Dry Time @ 77 °F and 50 % Relative Humidity
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Data Sheets

Download the product data sheet (PDS) and safety data sheet (SDS) for your Valspar heavy duty aluminum paint.

Product Number Sheen Base Container Size SDS PDS
080047184161 - Aluminum 1 Gallon SDS -

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