The Perfect Color, Guaranteed

At Valspar, we believe that every time you walk into a room, it should feel right. So if the first color you choose isn’t perfect, we’ll replace it for free.

How to Submit a Claim

How to Submit a Claim

Step 1: Choose a new color
Buy a new color of an eligible* Valspar paint. Don’t return the color you didn’t like to the store, and be sure to keep the receipts for both colors.

Step 2: Take a photo
Snap a photo of your wall, with both the old color and the new color visible.

Step 3: Submit a rebate request
Fill out the online form to receive a rebate for the purchase of the original color. You can also contact our Customer Support Team by calling 1-877-825-7727.

See our Terms and Condition.

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*Eligible Valspar paints


● Valspar Signature® Interior Paint + Primer

● Valspar Simplicity™ Interior Paint + Primer

● Valspar Ultra™ Interior Paint + Primer

● Valspar® 2000™ Interior Paint

● Valspar Contractor Coat Interior Paint

● Valspar 4000 Interior Paint

● Valspar Express Coat™ Interior Paint

Independent Retailers:

● Valspar Pristine Interior Paint + Primer

● Valspar Medallion Interior Paint + Primer

● Valspar Color Style Interior Paint

● Valspar Expressions Interior Paint

● Valspar Integrity Interior Paint

● True Basics by Valspar Interior Paint

● Valspar Professional Interior Paint

● Valspar Professional Contractor 4 Series Interior paint

Lowe’s Canada:

● Valspar® Reserve™ Interior Paint + Primer

● Valspar Signature® Interior Paint + Primer

● Valspar Simplicity Interior Paint + Primer

● Valspar® Ultra™ Interior Paint + Primer

● Valspar Contractor Coat Interior Paint