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When browsing colors on our site, you can order free paint chips to be delivered right to your front door by clicking "Add Chip to Cart" of your favorite colors. You can get up to 10  chips per order. For paint samples to apply directly to your walls, check with your Valspar retailer of choice for availability. 

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Your color search starts and ends here. At Valspar, we offer color tools including free virtual color consultations with one of our color experts, photo color matching and a virtual color visualizer. Visit our color tools section to learn more.

Priming can save you time and money, especially if you are applying paint for the first time to a surface or covering a dark color or stain. Also, primers are generally less expensive than paint. If the surface you are painting is clean and is similar in color, feel free to skip this step. If you need to prime, use primer instead of paint because of its bonding, sealing and hiding properties.

No. It is important to use products as they are labeled. Interior paints are not usually designed to withstand the sun’s rays, or bad weather, or contraction and expansion cycles of the exterior surfaces in changing temperatures. Exterior paints normally are not evaluated for indoor air conditions. That said, if a product is labeled “Interior/Exterior,” then you can be confident of its performance in both environments.

The right brush or roller can be the difference between a paint project living up to your dreams and needing a do-over. If you’re not sure which one your project needs, we’re here to help.

Give your brushes a little TLC, and they’ll reward you with years of service. If you used latex paint, remove the excess paint in a bucket or container while the paint is still wet. It is much more difficult to remove dried paint with soap and water —if necessary, use a brush comb to remove it. Wash off the remaining paint under running water. Oil-based paint should be removed in a bucket or container with mineral spirits (petroleum distillate), rinsed in tap water and then washed with soapy water. Rinse the brush until the water runs clear.

Visit our document library and select a product to view available product data sheets (PDS), safety data sheets (SDS), and Consumer Product Ingredient Communication (CPIC) information.