When it comes to living rooms, the emphasis should be on “living”. And over the years, it’s gone from a more formal setting for special occasions, to a cozy, open space where entertainment, relaxation, and escaping the everyday is the focus.

If you’re “in the mood” to transform your living room into something fresh and new, you’ll want to choose a shade that gives off a certain kind of energy. All you need to do is find the right color – and not just any color … it needs to work with your own personal aesthetic, while at the same time turning the space into something unique and filled with personality.

Out of hundreds of Valspar colors, here’s a few that are particularly powerful when it comes to creating (and maintaining) a certain look and feel. Let’s get moody, shall we?


A cool black that maximizes a feeling of simplicity, while expanding the look of the space for an immersive experience featuring both modern and traditional elements. Try adding décor with warmer, natural tones to provide contrast and add more dimension to the room.


A grayed-out coral that creates a playful mood for kids and adults alike. Its warmth works well with off-whites and organic textures like wood. This shade is perfect for blending color with furniture and art from different eras, for an eclectic space that feels instantly comfy.


An elegant accent shade that brings a sense of drama to larger spaces. From light to dark, this versatile color changes with different lighting to create a variety of different moods. Perfect for entertaining or simply cozying up on the couch with a movie.

No matter what mood you’re looking to create, the goal is to immerse yourself and connect with your space on a deeper, more emotional level. Valspar has the paint; you have your imagination. Visit our paint sheen page and find the look you’re looking for here.