Ready to get creative with your next project? Valspar makes it easy to create a space that reflects your personality with bold shades and unexpected color combinations. Instead of four walls and a ceiling, think of your space as a canvas where you can truly express your inner self. The possibilities are endless. You have the ideas, Valspar has the colors. Put them together and see where they take you.


This royal blue is perfect for adding a high level of sophistication to formal spaces like dining rooms. For maximum impact, paint the walls and trim with this shade to create a unique balance between traditional and modern aesthetics. To complete the look, paint the ceiling with Sienna Red, 3011-7 — a tan shade with a copper undertone that complements decorative brass metallics and balances out the coolness of the wall color.


This cool, medium-toned lilac is designed to create a soothing environment. If you want a more monochromatic look, paint the vanity in a darker shade like Purple Davenport, 1003-3A — which is a great choice when looking for complementary tones to create a more holistic appearance that’s unique and beautiful.


Mix it up a bit and go with an ultra-bold shade designed to accent spaces that have neutral colors — making it a perfect way to add your own personal touch to any room in your home.