Today, indoor and outdoor boundaries are blurred. As we extend the living space outdoors, we’re finding inspiration from nature and adding comfort and relaxation to those spaces. Whether you’re turning into the driveway, resting on the porch or gazing at the backyard, you know that warm feeling when your home is in sight. Take care of the exterior spaces that first drew you in with a fresh coat of Valspar® paint.


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Not sure where to start with choosing exterior paint colors? Here are some of our favorite colors. Some are trendy, some are tried-and-true, but they all can help give your home’s exterior and exterior spaces new life. And don’t stress too much – if you change your mind, we’ve got the Love Your Color Guarantee: if you don’t love your color, we’ll replace it with one you do.


Choosing a color (or colors) can get overwhelming – but here are a few things that can help narrow down your options.

Doors, Trim and More

Creating an exterior color story for your home usually means choosing more than one color, as you have doors, trim, railings and other exterior elements to consider.

When selecting outdoor colors, consider the dominant color in the space, such as the siding, trim or shutters. From bricks to roofing to landscaping, your home already has a color palette established. Find paint colors with similar undertones, like warm or cool to build on that color harmony. The colors can be layered in and harmonized with existing colors and materials.

See the Light

The outdoor environment is influenced by natural light, which changes the direction and intensity of light throughout the day. This natural light can significantly alter the appearance of colors, so it’s important to choose three areas to try the color samples and observe the changes in color throughout the day.

The exterior project handles various substrates, and the color changes depending on the materials, such as wood. It’s best to review a color when it has completely dried.

Start With Chips and Samples

There’s no substitute for seeing paint on your exterior walls – so no matter how much you love a color, you should always take the time to order and use paint chips and samples. Seeing a color with your own eyes and in the context of your space will go a long way toward getting a look you love.

To get the best out of your samples, try to recreate how you’ll typically experience your space. This means using the paint on multiple walls, and architectural elements like trim and shutters. Be sure to check in throughout the day so you get a better sense for the color as lighting conditions change.

Let Your Personality Show Through

Fully embrace the color and express who you are at home. We often get cautious in color selection for outdoors because of the watchful eyes of neighbors and passersby.

As we see the outdoors as the extension of the indoors, don’t shy away from letting your home’s exterior express your family’s personality.

Got an idea for what you want? Start by browsing colors by color family:


If you want advice that’s more specific to your space, our color experts and color tools are here to help.


Once you’ve got a color, then it’s time to pick a paint. It might not seem as important as color, but the right paint is a crucial part of getting results you love.

We’ve broken down each featured exterior project for you, so you can see our recommended paint, sheens and products.

Backyard shed with white-trimmed windows and planters. Its horizontal siding is painted in Soft Candlelight.

For Siding and Trim: Valspar® Defense®
Sheen: Flat or Satin
Applicator: Valspar® Wall and Trim Angle Sash 2.5-in Brush

Dark Fired paint creates a moody and modern aesthetic on a home exterior with a lighter wood door, chair and planter.

For Siding and Trim: Valspar® Defense®
Sheen: Flat or Satin
Applicator: Valspar® Wall and Trim Angle Sash 2.5-in Brush

A white rocking chair and porch railing complement a Brookside blue wood exterior floor.

For Wood: Valspar Fast Acting Deck Cleaner
For Concrete: Valspar Fast Prep®
Porch: Valspar Porch, Floor & Patio

Applicators: Brush (2" is best for cutting in)
Valspar Brushes

Premium quality, 1/4" or 3/8" nap roller (9" is best for larger areas)
Valspar Rollers