They say the kitchen is the heart of the home. So it goes without saying that a kitchen you love can transform the feeling of an entire home. Whether you’re doing a full kitchen remodel, or just adding a fresh coat of paint, this is a great place to start for kitchen color ideas.


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Not sure where to start with choosing a kitchen paint color? Here are some of our favorites – some are trendy, some are tried-and-true, but they all can help breathe new life into your kitchen. And don’t stress too much – if you change your mind, we’ve got the Love Your Color Guarantee: if you don’t love your color, we’ll replace it with one you do.


Choosing a color can get overwhelming – but here are a few things that can help narrow down your options.

Face the fixtures

There are a lot of fixed elements in the kitchen to keep in mind when choosing a color. Consider the color of your appliances, countertops, and cabinets, and try to find colors that complement each other. For instance, white and wood colors are a popular choice for cabinets – since these are lighter, you might choose something more colorful for the walls for some added visual interest.

Look to your lighting

Lighting plays a huge role in how you perceive color in a space. It’s common to have multiple light sources – from windows, to lamps, to light fixtures – each of which can change how a color appears.

Natural light changes the appearance of colors throughout the day, from sunrise to midday to sunset. A room full of natural light brings out subtle undertones in lighter, cooler colors. Meanwhile, interior lighting offers a wide range of warm to cool tones. Warm light temperatures are popular, and they can help vivid and bold colors feel more livable.

Start with chips and samples

There’s no substitute for seeing paint on your walls – so no matter how much you love a color, you should always take the time to order and use paint chips and samples. Seeing a color with your own eyes and in the context of your space will go a long way toward getting a kitchen you love.

To get the best out of your samples, try to recreate how you’ll typically experience your space. This means using the paint on multiple walls, and seeing how different lighting affects the color. Be sure to check in throughout the day, so you get a better sense for the color as lighting conditions change.

Got an idea for what you want? Start by browsing colors by color family:


If you want advice that’s more specific to your space, our color experts and color tools are here to help.


Once you’ve got a color, then it’s time to pick a paint. It might not seem as important as color, but the right paint is a crucial part of getting results you love.

Choosing the right sheen

What makes a sheen the right one? For kitchen walls, you’ll want something that’s washable and durable. And moisture resistance is another great quality to have. So, satin and semi-gloss are great choices for the kitchen. For more information on sheens, take a look at our sheen article.

Section of blue trim in satin finish.


Section of blue trim in semi-gloss finish.


Make sure you’re covered

Before you buy, figure out how much paint you’ll need with our Paint Calculator.